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Shreeram Group of Companies offers a range of services, including skilled and unskilled industrial manpower, office staff, drivers, security, and housekeeping. They provide to various industries and sectors such as manufacturing, hospitals and hospitality, pharma and healthcare, IT & ITes, service industries, and corporates.

Yes, Housekeeping to all types of Industries, Sectors and Segments - Govt. & Private Sectors, Manufacturing, Hospitals and Hospitality, Pharma and Health Care, IT & ITes to Service Industries and Corporates at PAN India since a Decade.

Yes, Shreeram Group of Companies caters to both Government and Private sectors, ensuring that their services are available to a wide range of clients. Additionally, check for any holes or tears in the bag that may be allowing dirt to bypass the bag and clog the system.

Our team has extensive experience in providing HouseKeeping Services specifically tailored to corporate environments. We have trained professionals who understand the unique requirements and standards of cleanliness expected in corporate settings.

Shreeram Group of Companies strives to provide to the specific needs of their clients and can offer customized solutions based on the requirements of different industries and sectors.